Amy MacGregor
Personal Training




Personal Trainer

With a comprehensive knowledge and provision of current up-to-date information you will receive result based sessions with the latest training strategies.  Just bring your “A game”.

Group sessions are also available for those who want to train with others who share similar goals and want to train in fun, motivational and social environment.  Share the pain!


Bootcamps are available for groups of up to 6. My camps are all day camps and are based around getting fit and eating right. A healthy lunch is always included along with nutrition talks and, of course, gym/fitness workouts! You up for it?


This can be a very grey area for many and the point at which all our hard work in training is undone if we get it wrong. Get back to the basics of what constitutes a healthy balanced diet and what is required during specific training. This will all be taken care of for you with delicious fresh new recipes and snack ideas. There is no generic “perfect diet plan” because we are all unique, so a meal plan will be devised to suit your body type and lifestyle.

Nutrition Group Talks
Nutrition advice plays a huge part in staying fit and healthy, especially for young athletes. I have worked with various schools and sports clubs across Scotland to help athletes gain a better understanding of how to fuel to maximise performance/recovery.

I have only been training with Amy for 8 weeks – one day a week – and results are so noticeable already that various people have mentioned to me in passing.

The first couple of weeks were tough and I never thought I could do what Amy was asking – but she believes and encourages and a result not only was I able to do it, but notice myself progressing and really look forward to each week to see what she has planned and how much more I can push myself.

The sessions Amy creates include movement based training and never the same session twice so have never been bored and as a result, have come to love training with weights which I never thought I would.

Sharon B